Why GPS Tracking fixes every fleet management problem

Fleet Management Problems

We talked to our customers about the problems they encountered most often before installing their Nexus GPS Tracking system.

If you find yourself in one of the following scenarios, then you should turn your attention to GPS Tracking.

Operations take too much time.

Did you notice that almost every time, the schedule is not followed? Do your drivers never deliver on time?

Do you notice negative consequences when planning fleet activities? Then an all-in-one management system is exactly what you need.

With Nexus GPS Tracking you will have a complete report of the driver’s activity. From the routes traveled to the way they drive.

Besides, you will have the possibility to be permanently aware of the condition of the car. This includes being alerted whenever you have to pay a fee, do a review or other similar activities.

You cannot create a quick route.

Just looking at a map you won’t be able to create the best route.

And even if you keep your eyes and ears on traffic news all the time you may not be successful in creating the best route.

Considering the kind of traffic we all have to bear on a daily basis, then a system that helps you identify the fastest route would make everyone’s life easier.

With a GPS Tracking System you can put together a route that will increase the efficiency of the entire fleet.

You don’t know how much time employees spend on break.

We do not claim that total control over employees and the creation of panic is the solution problems.

But a better way of monitoring those in the field can certainly help in creating a more responsible and productive atmosphere.

By checking your data in Nexus GPS Tracking you will be able to see important patterns.

This helps you in differentiating more negligent employees from the ones which take reasonable breaks or are delayed due to unforeseen events.

You can’t tell the difference between good drivers and careless ones.

Whether we are talking about prowess or attitude, monitoring solutions allow you to determine which drivers operate to the required standards.

With a GPS Tracking System, you will be able to make more accurate assessments of drivers.

This will encourage preventive driving and offering bonuses to those who perform their tasks optimally.

You will also be able to determine if it is necessary to do certain trainings for some employees.

Cars break down often.

There are a lot of factors that can cause wear and tear or even serious damage to a vehicle.

Such as: imposing unrealistic time intervals on your drivers’ tasks. By doing so, you will cause them to rush from one point to another.

Let’s not forget that accelerations and sudden brakes will put a lot of stress on the “health” of the car.

Fleet management systems will allow you to determine exactly what causes that severe wear and tear, and then take action.

You face the reality or the risk of vehicle theft.

Basically, if we think about it, a GPS Tracking System helps us answer a simple question: “Where are my cars?”

Whether you want to recover a stolen car or just stay calm in the worst case scenario, Nexus GPS Tracking helps you sleep soundly.

You can’t monitor who’s driving.

You cannot intervene quickly when a crisis situation arises.

From a major traffic event to an extremely unforeseen weather event, a crisis situation can put both drivers and vehicles in danger.

Fleet monitoring will help you find out immediately if your cars are located in an affected area, giving you both the ability to analyze the situation and the ability to act if necessary.

The situation on board the car can provide essential data such as the status of the engine but also if dangerous actions have been taken such as exceeding the speed limit.

You spend too much time filling in reports and managing a lot of documents

As a vehicle fleet manager, you have a lot of responsibilities. You need to make sure you have satisfied customers, motivated and productive employees, as well as a fully functional fleet.

Unfortunately, all management procedures also involve a more unpleasant side: bureaucracy.

You are probably buried daily among the papers and feel that you cannot perform all the tasks with priority precisely because of all the documents that you have to manage.

You can learn more about how to decrease bureaucracy over here: How inefficient communication harms your profits.

The dashboard that Nexus GPS Tracking provides to you gathers all the information you request and then sends it to you in the form of a comprehensive report or statistic.

This will significantly reduce the time wasted in the office. This way you will be able to focus more on truly important tasks.

Excessive maintenance and operational costs of the fleet.

Fuel, insurance, periodic maintenance… and the list can go on and on with a lot of costs that a functional vehicle fleet entails.

Owning a vechile fleet involves a lot of risks, and the ultimate goal of the business is to make a profit, so if you can act proactively, why not just do it?

Unnecessary expenses can be prevented and the operation of the fleet can be optimized.

If driving more efficient routes reduces fuel costs and improving driving behavior reduces car insurance costs, then investing in a technology that will sustain your success is completely justified.

You don’t have an environmentally friendly fleet.

Respecting the environment, reducing emissions and owning an eco friendly fleet is not very easy to achieve, primarily because of the activity itself: driving.

Driving involves high fuel consumption.

With reports provided by Nexus GPS Tracking, you will be able to see how your drivers use fuel and, along with more efficient route planning, you will reduce your total fuel consumption, expenses and emissions.

Customers are unhappy.

You may think that the problem represented by dissatisfied customers, but they usually appear because of other problems.

If you encounter any of the above issues, such as poor route planning, then your customers will certainly not be happy with your services.

Using a GPS Tracking System adds value to your business in many ways. Click here to find out how!